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Puyang Telchina Smart City Operation Co. Ltd.

Add:  2/F, Office building of Business College, New Campus of Health School, Wenyan North Road, Demonstration Area of Urban and Rural Integration, Puyang City, He’nan Province

          Tel: 86-18653260543  Mr。 Cui Guoliang


Shaan’xi Telchina Technology Co. Ltd.

Add:  Room 1002, Unit 3, Building 2, Jianyanyuan Building, Zhonghua West Road, Qindu District, Xianyang City, Shaan’xi Province

Tel: 86-029-33566465


Yingtan Telchina Smart City Operation Co. Ltd.

Add:  Room 1402/1403, Torch Building, High-tech Development Zone, Yingtan

           Tel: 86-0701-7112500

Ji’nan Telchina Technology Co。 Ltd。

Add:  Engineering Quality Inspection Center, No. 1451, Shuangshan North Road, Zhang’qiu District, Ji’nan

          Tel: 86-0531-83360819

  • Telchina Smart Industry Group Co. Ltd.
  • Addr: 9/F, Building D Inhi Tech Square, No. 2008, Xinluo Ave., High-tech Industrial Development Zone, Jinan, China
  • Phone:86-531-81922777
  • Fax:86-531-81922788
  • Website:www.liyinglong.com
  • Zip:250101

Telchina Smart Industry Group Co., Ltd

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Telchina Smart Industry Group Co., Ltd.

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