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Telchina’s transportation data platform adheres to the principle of “serving the people by providing better transportation” and aims to promoting large-scale development. It integrates various types of traffic information and monitors traffic conditions. As the central link of traffic subsystems, it integrates and shares traffic related resources, and realizes the unified management and dispatch of static traffic information as well as centralized supervision and release of dynamic traffic information, so as to enhance the comprehensive efficiency of traffic management, improve traffic command and decision-making capability, advance the service level for public transportation, and ease the traffic congestion of the cities. 


Telchina has undertaken a number of research projects, among which are “Major technological research on the Integrated Information Platform for Intelligence Transportation of Jinan City”, “Research on the Mode of Operation and Construction of Jinan Intelligent Transportation”, and “Demonstration and application promotion project for intelligent transportation big data platform”。 In 2016 it won National Development and Reform Commission funding for major projects, and gained a leading position in the field of intelligent transportation。

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